Studying at Mansfield


  • Eight new undergraduates join us each year.
  • We have five English Language and Literature Fellows and lecturers.
  • Explore the richness, range and colour of literature and language in every period, style and genre.
  • Take leading roles in a range of literary, media and arts projects.


English studies at Mansfield provide students with opportunities to explore the richness, range and colour of literature and language in its every period, genre and style. The students we take each year in English contribute to the Mansfield environment by engaging in the intellectual, creative and cultural life of the College and University.

They work towards success in their termly studies and in examinations, of course. But they also do much more. They make plays and performances, and lead student societies in literature and the arts. They write and edit student newspapers and magazines. They run arts festivals.

At Mansfield, we foster imaginative, disciplined thinkers from all walks of life. We achieve this by giving our students the tools to analyse the world critically and bring about positive change within it.

"The English course at Oxford specifically really appealed to me. It’s very broad and covers a wide range of time periods and types of literature. However, it also allows for a lot of specialisation and Oxford has a lot of resources for you to pursue your areas of interest. I like Mansfield’s location because it’s off the main road and not as loud as other colleges. However, it’s still central and close enough to my lectures. I also love Mansfield’s small size. It creates a strong sense of community and everyone gets to know everyone."

Tomi Ajinomoh, Mansfield English student

Your English Language and Literature tutors

Lucinda Rumsey

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Supernumerary Fellow in English and Senior Tutor

Lucinda Rumsey
Photo of Ros with her hands crossed and rested on her lap and bookshelves in the background

Professor Ros Ballaster

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Vice-Principal; Professorial Fellow in English; LGBTQ Tutor

Professor Ros Ballaster
headshot of Michele

Professor Michèle Mendelssohn

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Tutorial Fellow in English

Professor Michèle Mendelssohn
Headshot of Chris Salamone

Dr Chris Salamone

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Supernumerary Fellow in English and Tutor for Graduates

Dr Chris Salamone
headshot of Mark Atherton with a green background

Dr Mark Atherton

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Lecturer in English

Dr Mark Atherton
Headshot of Rachel

Rachel O'Nunain

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Stipendiary Lecturer in English and Academic Support Tutor

Rachel O’Nunain

We’re here to help you grow and reach your full potential. At Mansfield we recognise it’s our responsibility to help our students navigate their courses. We’ll support you to make good decisions about the options you select from, among the classes and lectures delivered centrally by the English Faculty.

Our tutors have been at the forefront in developing widening access and the English curriculum in the College and University.

Lucinda Rumsey, tutor in medieval literature, has been Director of Admissions for the English Faculty, is a Fellow and Senior Tutor at Mansfield, and was awarded a 2019 MBE for services to social mobility in Higher Education. Professor Ros Ballaster has also served as Director of Admissions for Mansfield and as 2016-2021 Chair of the English Faculty. Professor Michèle Mendelssohn has been Deputy Director of the Rothermere American Institute. She curated Making History: Christian Cole, Alain Locke and Oscar Wilde at Oxford, an exhibition and website showcasing the university’s trailblazing Black and queer undergraduates.

How to apply

We welcome students of Baccalaureate or A-level in any combination of subjects, as long as they include English literature.

All candidates take the English Literature Aptitude Test (ELAT and submit one example of written work – preferably a piece of analysis or criticism based on their own research or thinking which has formed part of their studies in English.

Candidates called for interview will be given two interviews by tutors in English at Mansfield College – we aim to provide a supportive interview environment so you can show us your true potential and ability.

We’re looking for students who are enthusiastic, who enjoy reading and thinking about what they read, and who are prepared to work hard.

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How to Apply

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Useful resources for students

Our Access and Outreach team have put together a range of resources to help you get to know Mansfield, your subject, and your potential Oxford application.

Mansfield Isolation Conversations

Our English Literature tutors have contributed a range of articles to Mansfield’s Isolation Conversations – from Medieval anchoresses to Oscar Wilde’s experience in prison.

Isolation Conversations
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