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Oxford tutorials

The tutorial system is one of the things Oxford University is justly famous for. It’s a unique learning experience, and at Mansfield we’re very proud of the close attention we give to your academic progress. Once or twice a week, you’ll meet with a tutor who’s an expert in the area you’re studying, usually paired with another student. Many of your tutorials will be with College tutors, while others will be with a wide range of experts in your chosen subject.

Tutorials are just one of a range of teaching methods you experience as a student at Mansfield. Each department and faculty provide lectures and classes centrally for students from all colleges. For instance, for science subjects, lectures and practicals form the core of the week’s work.

Tutorials will allow you to deepen your individual understanding of the material you cover in lectures and in your own independent reading. You’ll discuss the work you’ve researched beforehand, from essays to solutions to set problems. In your tutorials you’ll get a lot of individual attention, and you soon learn that you need to be well prepared.

Outstanding facilities to support your academic progress

The University has outstanding library, laboratory and computing facilities, and Mansfield supplements these resources with its own facilities on site. The College library is a beautiful, wood-panelled room open 24-hours a day – providing a good selection of books – and students are encouraged to make their own recommendations for book purchases.

Law, PPE and Theology have their own separate specialist libraries in College. There are designated computers in the library for essay writing, and plenty of locations to study around Mansfield College.

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