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Junior Common Room

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the term used to refer to the undergraduate student body as a whole, and is also the place where students gather and socialise. The JCR has a pool table, a TV, table tennis set, and seating areas where students can enjoy free tea, coffee and biscuits at JCR Tea, and read the array of weekly newspapers and Oxford publications that the JCR purchases.

"Hello! I am involved in the student council at Mansfield (we call it the JCR). I like it as it is quite flexible and allows me to get involved with everything from BOPs (in-college parties), to buying supplies for Cakes & Compliments (when we write wholesome notes to each other and eat cake), to putting up artwork around College, to negotiating next year’s rent. I have and am still really loving my time here at Mansfield."

Daniel Surrey, History student

Social events at Mansfield

Social life at Mansfield takes on a variety of different forms, and caters for just about every taste.

The JCR has Entertainments officers (Entz Reps) who coordinate a weekly timetable of social events. Regular events in the College itself include ‘bops’ (Oxford-speak for college discos), formal dinners followed by ‘champagne and chocolates’, open-mic/comedy nights, sports days, and charity auctions. Events are also organised outside of College, – like trips to clubs, restaurants, the cinema, and the ice rink. The aim of the Entz Reps is to give the student body what it wants – so new suggestions are always welcome.

Welfare and wellbeing support

The JCR helps the College’s Welfare Team to support students at Mansfield. There’s always someone you can talk to.

Wellbeing and Welfare
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Group photo of students, some sat on the bench and some standing behind

Your JCR bench

The JCR has an excellent committee, the Bench, which has responsibility for representing students at College management meetings, and running social and welfare events.



Join societies and sports teams

Sports clubs and societies are run jointly with the Middle Common Room (MCR) at Mansfield. They’re great ways to make friends, have fun, and take a break from your studies.

students at Ball dinner in the College Chapel Hall

No Oxford College would be complete without its Ball

At Mansfield, this takes place every three years. Organised and run by a specially formed committee of students, the ball offers an extremely popular opportunity to dress up, dance, eat, and (if you wish) drink the night away.