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For our People.

Who make a world-class education accessible to all.

Change doesn’t just happen


Someone, somewhere, has to see a new way of doing things and then, perhaps harder still, actually do it.

At Mansfield, it is our people who have both forged our legacy and will shape our future. They are the disruptors and changemakers who look for potential where others haven’t, see in someone a capacity to excel given the chance, and deliver an unparalleled education.

Care, focus, and dedication


These are made possible by tutorial teaching – though they’re not a given. But without them, how many of those who passed through Mansfield would not have discovered a lifelong passion? How many would not have had the confidence to pursue their dream job? How many would have accepted their world the way it was, rather than explore the potential it held?

Protecting our core posts


To guarantee that there will always be people at Mansfield with the commitment to nurture and guide generation after generation of students, we must secure the College’s core posts through their endowment.

The support of our incredible community is already making this vision a reality. In just the past three years we’ve been able to endow and name:

The Janet Dyson Tutorial Fellowship in Mathematics

The Michael Freeden Tutorial Fellowship in PPE

The Tony Lemon Tutorial Fellowship in Geography

The McBain Access Officer

With your support, we aim to endow at least one tutorial position in each of Mansfield’s core subjects.

Our ambition also extends to junior and senior research positions, and posts across the College – it’s these people who enable Mansfield to excel both academically, and in our access and outreach work.

Mansfield is a life-changing place

And the reason for that is the people at its heart who have shaped the College into an egalitarian, forward-looking institution: one that understands that while potential is spread evenly throughout society, opportunity is not.


And someone has to do something about it.


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For our Place

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For our Culture

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