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Middle Common Room

An elected bench of the MCR organises regular social events for all graduates of the college, often collaborating with the MCRs of other colleges or with the Junior Common Room (undergraduate members at Mansfield).

To encourage good relations between the Senior (teaching and research fellows of the College) and Middle Common Rooms, graduate students are regularly able to dine on High Table. The MCR also has occasional guest nights in Formal Hall, and each term there is a joint seminar and dinner for Senior and Middle Common Room members.

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Your MCR bench

An annual election within the MCR appoints a ‘bench’ consisting of the President, Treasurer, Social Secretary and other posts. The MCR President represents the graduates on Governing Body and other College committees.

Join societies and sports teams

Sports clubs and societies are run jointly with the Junior Common Room (JCR) at Mansfield. They’re great ways to make friends, have fun, and take a break from your studies.

Welfare and wellbeing support

The MCR helps the College’s Welfare Team to support students at Mansfield. There’s always someone you can talk to.

Wellbeing and Welfare
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Social events at Mansfield

The MCR Bench organises a wide variety of events for graduates – including formal dinners, cocktail parties, pizza and film evenings, international food nights, games evenings, exchange dinners with other colleges, academic presentations, ice-cream café trips, and much more.

We aim to make our central facilities (whether in College or in Rhodes-Wolfson) as accessible, inviting, and functional as possible, as well as encouraging graduate engagement in College life.