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For our Place.

Where generations of you have found and will always find a home, a community, and yourselves.

A place for you at Mansfield


Where did you live in College? B Block? E Block? The Tower?

Would you have changed anything? Maybe, but also maybe not. For generations of Mansfielders, we know that their space at College became their home-from-home – single glazing, shared bathrooms, less-than-reliable running water and all.

The point is, it felt like home.

We want to bring that feeling to more of our students


To put ourselves in a position where, if you want to live at Mansfield the whole time you’re at Mansfield, you can – in a great room, with modern amenities, in the heart of the College.


Mansfield for the future


How do we retain everything that makes Mansfield feel like Mansfield, while also making some fairly big changes to the size and shape of our spaces?

How how do we ensure that any new development meets our expectations for sustainability: physically, operationally, and environmentally?



We’ve brought in some best-in-class developers and architects to help us work it out. And we’re consulting closely with you, our community, to understand better your feelings about Mansfield’s evolution.

A redevelopment of the College’s site – largely the south side, rather than the historic buildings – must be carefully thought through, sympathetic to our existing architecture, and truly sustainable.

Most importantly, Mansfield will retain what actually makes it such a unique place: its openness, its warmth, and its true sense of community.

Treading lightly


Our ambitious aims for the College site include plans to reduce Mansfield’s carbon footprint
and enhance biodiversity and wider sustainability.

Mansfield has highlighted eight priority areas for sustainability improvements:

Operational carbon

Sustainable communities and social value

Good health and wellbeing

Finance and facilitation

Buildings - embodied carbon




Mansfield isn’t just a place

More than bricks and mortar, bedrooms and offices – Mansfield is home to and part of a community that has grown and evolved over generations. With the right investment, it can be home to many more.

You can help us make more people feel at home at Mansfield for generations to come.


Make a life-changing gift today.

If Mansfield is to achieve its sustainability goals , immediate action must be taken. This transformational development project identifies many ways of achieving these ambitious goals, both realistically and tangibly. Mansfield has always prided itself on having big ambitions, and we are delighted to be working with development partners Stories and architects Feilden Fowles to make them a reality.

For our Culture

Knowing that if you have the talent and the potential to succeed – we see you, we welcome you, and we are here to create opportunities for you

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