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Fees & Finance

Planning your finances

The careful management of money is greatly important to many students. The information here is designed to give guidance to help with your financial planning during your degree course. We seek to keep our charges to a reasonable level, with meals in particular representing exceptional value for money.

When you begin your studies at Mansfield we’ll open an account for you. This is called a ‘battels’ account, which records all the financial transactions between you and the College.

Postgraduate course fees

The course fee covers academic facilities and other services that are provided for you, but doesn’t include accommodation or meals. You can find up-to-date information about course fees for Home/EU and Overseas students on the Oxford University website:

Room charges vary by size and location

Accommodation is allocated to new postgraduate students on a first-come-served basis, consisting of single-bed sitting rooms with shared self-catering and bathroom facilities. They’re ordinarily let on a tenancy from September 2024 to August 2025.
Any rooms not let to new students may be made available for returning postgraduate students, depending on availability.

Lunch and dinner charges

A variably-priced menu is available for all meals except Formal Hall. Choices will be offered so that a meal will always be available at affordable prices. Lunch and dinner at Mansfield are £4.75 per meal (2023-24).

We pride ourselves on the quality of our catering, enjoyed by students and staff alike. Most meals are cooked from fresh ingredients, locally sourced from high animal welfare suppliers. And our vegetarian and vegan food has been voted best in Oxford twice in a row.

Payment for all meals, except Formal Hall, will be charged to battels using your University Card. Whereas formal dinners you sign up to are charged direct to battels.


Financial support – Grants

We offer a Postgraduate Financial Support Fund, which we advertise at the start of each term, aiming to credit to battels in Week 8. As a postgraduate student at Mansfield, you can apply to the fund for a range of purposes, including:

  • Academic resources such as books and equipment
  • Travel for academic purposes, such as conferences and research trips
  • Travel for enrichment purposes
  • Unexpected temporary financial hardship


Hear from some of the Fund’s recipients:

"The fund gave me the opportunity to attend the 34th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-34) in Shenzhen, China. PVSEC is one of the largest conferences on solar energy and conversion and I was able to present my latest research on graphene transparent conducting electrodes. I gained valuable feedback and insight from world leaders in optics and photovoltaics enabling me to focus my research direction towards improvements in the sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of solar energy. It has been invaluable for my professional and personal development.

John O’Sullivan, DPhil Materials, 2020

"I was able to visit Tunisia where I stayed in Tunis, exploring the city’s rich history and art. Many aspects of the trip matched my personal and research interests, helping me expand my knowledge of the country and the wider region."

Giorgio Bechis, MPhil International Relations, 2022

"An award from the fund meant I had the privilege of attending the IEEE Conference on Standards for Communication and Networking (CSCN 2023), where I presented my research paper. Presenting my work at such a reputable platform not only enhanced my academic standing but also allowed me to receive valuable feedback from experts in the field, contributing to my academic and professional growth."

Amirmohammad Farzaneh, DPhil Engineering Sciences, 2020

"The fund covered my trip to Barcelona to attend the Single-molecule Sensors and nanoSystems International Conference. The grant covered my accommodation and part of my registration fees. I gave an oral talk there, chatted with famous professors and other researchers who shared similar interest with me. It gave me a chance to explore other research directions in my field and improve my communication and presentation skills."

Yumeng Yin, DPhil Materials

Postgraduate scholarships

Mansfield has a range of scholarships you can be awarded for postgraduate study.

Graduate Scholarships