Congratulations to our Caird Fellow in Theology, Professor Jenn Strawbridge, for being awarded the Cross of St Augustine by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the second highest international award for service within Anglicanism. Jenn received this award in recognition of her services through biblical scholarship at the Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Conference 2022, a gathering of almost 700 bishops from 165 countries that meets once every decade in Canterbury, UK.

Jenn led a team of scholars from 19 countries and the Archbishop of Canterbury to create and lead the biblical elements on the New Testament book of 1 Peter, which formed the foundation of the Conference. In the four years leading up to the Conference, Jenn edited a commentary on 1 Peter (1 Peter: A Global Commentary, SCM Press 2020) and prepared numerous videos and Bible studies for the Conference. With four colleagues from Kenya, the UK, Brazil, and North India, she then helped lead a two-day retreat for the 700 bishops, including preaching at Canterbury Cathedral, and assisted the Archbishop of Canterbury with five hour-long expositions on 1 Peter given across the Conference.

Alongside Jenn, Mansfield Theology Finalist, Elizabeth Flaherty, served as a steward at the conference, selected from numerous applications to be a key part of the Conference team. Lizzy reflects on her time and experience:

“This summer I stewarded at the Lambeth conference, a global gathering of Anglican Bishops and delegates, alongside 45 other young leaders from 22 worldwide countries. We were present at many important and influential moments and decisions, whilst helping out, doing all the crucial behind the scenes work to ensure the conference ran smoothly, and shepherding lost Bishops – trying to keep them out of chaos! It was an incredible experience, not only to meet so many inspirational faith leaders, and to be involved in an event determining the future of the Anglican communion, but to meet so many other young people so invested and involved in the life of the church. It was truly moving to experience the global unity in difference of the Communion, and contribute to this by our service.”