MCBC’s Torpids 2022 journey had its ups and downs. Our W1 had a superb early bump on St John’s, before the gut on day two and three valiant row overs (no bump, but didn’t get bumped). The W2 overtook Wadham on day one but had an unfortunate string of bumps on day 3, which ultimately left them 6 places down. Not left disheartened, they rowed over at the top of a division on day four and finished strong. The O1 also rowed over bravely through wind and rain on day 1. Faced with several last minute substitutions, they powered on through a controversial race finish, with it coming down to the line. The O2 faced the wrath of Lady Luck and was involved in a four way tie for the last qualifying space, with a coin flip sadly not going their way. 

The week was filled with high spirits and the team bonds only grew stronger. Thank you to our amazing captains for allowing this all to happen and we can’t wait to get back on the water next term and smash Summer 8s!

Off the water – and in the boathouse – the Longbridges Boat House Clubs hosted a bake sale to raise money for Ukraine.