At Mansfield College, we have a long and proud history of producing some extraordinary rowing talent, and this tradition continues today, with the Mansfield College Boat Club (MCBC) rising to the challenge of an exceptionally difficult year.

We are so proud to announce that we have a Mansfield representative rowing in this year’s Gemini Boat Race. Martha Birtles (English, 2018), who had never rowed prior to joining Mansfield, will be rowing in the Oxford crew of the 75th Women’s Gemini Boat Race, on Sunday 4 April.
Martha and two other Mansfield rowers, Caspar Jopling (MBA, 2019) and Dan Holod (MBA, 2018), all missed out on taking part last year, when the 2020 Boat Race was cancelled due to Covid. Therefore, we are even more thrilled that Martha has the opportunity to compete this year.

This year’s Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race will take place just on the outskirts of Ely. This is not the first time the race has been held outside of London, with the 1944 Men’s Boat Race also having taken place on the Great Ouse – this year’s race will in fact start in line with a plaque on the East riverbank pathway denoting the finish of the 1944 race.

More information about the 2021 Gemini Boat Race, including interviews with the crews, and details of how they adapted their training regime in response to Covid, can be found in the Boat Race programme (Martha’s interview can be found on p.136).

Unfortunately spectators are not permitted by the river this year, so we hope you will all join us in cheering Martha and the crews on from home.

The Gemini Boat Race will be broadcast live on BBC One, from 3-5.30pm: The Boat Race BBC Live Coverage.