Embracing the challenge ahead, Ruby reflects on her journey leading up to the race:

“Arriving at Mansfield my friend Grace and I tentatively agreed we would brave the cold and commit to going to our first 6am. After a year of being women’s captain (in which the women’s first boat won blades in torpids – still not done talking about that one!), I signed up for the development squad with Liv (my VC at the time) and Imogen. I teetered on the edge of trialling for a while until messaging Mansfield’s own, Martha Birtles (2021 Blue Boat), to whom I sent an extended essay. Her response: ‘Just do it, you’ll always have a reason to say no. And you’ll never know if you don’t try.” No better advice has ever been given’.”

Expressing her excitement for the upcoming race, Ruby shares:

“It has been such an incredible process to be a part of and halfway through the season, I am lucky enough to be rowing in trial 8s ‘open weight’ race at 13:20 in the bow seat of boat Remus (sleek in navy!).”

Ruby adds:

“I have been so lucky to come from Mansfield. In any other iteration of me in a ‘non-Mansfield world’ I would not have even begun to row, nor would I have had the incredible likes of Mansfield women, only a few mentioned here, pushing me on at every step.”

Ruby extends an invitation to fellow Mansfielders and alumni, stating:

“I hope to see some other Mansfielders and alumnus on the banks come the Friday and hopefully come March! The race is live streamed here, or if you can make it down to Putney Embankment, we’ll be boating from Imperial College to race around 12:35!”

Let’s rally behind Ruby as she takes to the waters in this thrilling race of the season!!

Race live stream