In the last week of Hilary term, Mansfield students gathered to celebrate the arrival of Nowruz, a festival held in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and elsewhere to mark the first day of Solar New Year and first day of spring. Organised by MCR President Amirmohammad Farzaneh and MCR BAME Officer Sina Maghami Nick along with the support of our admin staff, Shukria Rezaei and Asima Qayyum.

The celebration marked the arrival of spring in the traditional way by decorating a haft-sin table spread that beautifully displayed seven items, each symbolising the arrival of a new year and nature’s renewal. In addition to the fantastic spread, students also recited Persian poetry, followed by singing traditional music and a Persian-themed dinner along with lots of sweets!

Each of the items displayed on the table symbolises the following:

Sabzeh (sprout)- symbol of rebirth/growth.

Samanu (wheat pudding) – symbol of power and strength.

Senjed (Oleaster) – symbol of love.

Serkeh (vinegar) – symbol of patience.

Seeb (apple) – symbol of beauty.

Seer (garlic) – symbol of health and medicine.

Sumaq (Sumac) – symbol of sunrise.

Sham’a (candle) – symbol of enlightenment.

Ayina (mirror) – symbol of self-reflection.

Keethab (book of Hafez) – symbol of wisdom.

Tokhm (eggs) – symbol of fertility. They were painted and decorated by students as a part of the College’s Community Week.