On 17 March Mansfield’s Senior Tutor Lucinda Rumsey was installed as the University’s Senior Proctor for 2021-22, with the role of scrutinising University processes and procedures and advocating on students’ behalf. Lucinda has invited Dr Machilu Zimba and Professor Proochista Ariana to serve as Pro-Proctors.  

Dr Zimba is Policy Advisor for race equality, religion and belief, in the University of Oxford’s Equality and Diversity Unit, and Professor Ariana is director of the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine at the Nuffield Department of Medicine. Professor Ariana’s research empirically examines the relationship between processes of development and health in resource-limited and transition contexts, appreciating the multidimensionality of both.  

Of the Proctorial team of seven (Proctors, Pro-Proctors and Assessor) six are women, four are people of colour, and their disciplines include Social Sciences, Medical Sciences and Humanities, a diversity of representation of which the team is proud. 

During Lucinda’s absence, Helen Lacey will be stepping into the role of Senior Tutor until the end of the 2022 academic year. Helen can be contacted, here: senior.tutor@mansfield.ox.ac.uk.