The Chapel provided some much need respite from the heat last week (Thursday 16 June), where students gathered for our Leavers’ Celebration. Sunshine, bubbles, and cake were shared to celebrate the success of our 2022 leavers, with the Principal making a heartfelt farewell speech. The Mansfield College Alumni Association (MCAA) also awarded their Student of the Year Awards. This year’s winners: Bailey Kavanagh (JCR) and Amirmohammad Farzaneh (MCR) were presented an engraved tankard by MCAA President, Dan Tarry, and Secretary, Mike Walton. Congratulations both!

Upon accepting his award, Amirmohammad said: “Every single student at Mansfield deserves a Student of the Year award. I have personally witnessed their hard work, amiability, and dedication to making Mansfield a better place for everyone. I am truly honoured to have been selected as the Student of the Year among such a brilliant community of students.”

Likewise, nominations have described Amirmohammad as having a “joyful, altruistic, friendly and welcoming presence at Mansfield” who has made a “positive difference in the lives and welfare of many students” whom many MCR members have had the pleasure of meeting.

Similarly, nominations for Bailey have described his spirit and support as ‘invaluable’ and has been like a “glue that has held the College together”.

Thank you for Bailey and Amir for all of your contributions to College.

We very much hope our Leavers’ enjoyed the celebration – stay in touch all!