At Mansfield, change is our tradition. From our proud history of dissent and human rights advocacy to democratising access to world-class education, our commitment to change is one thing that never changes. Over the years, we’ve changed thousands of lives and transformed so many ‘what ifs’ into ‘what nexts?’

For Mansfield, ‘Next’ means transforming our future to create more opportunities for brilliant people and ensure life-changing experiences at our college. And we need your support.

From the moment you pass through our front gates, you’ll see our beautiful historic buildings and bustling student life. But it’s what you don’t see that truly sets us apart. Our inclusive community welcomes hardworking, high-achieving students from so many different backgrounds.

This is a new era for Mansfield. We’re transforming our site, championing our world-class teaching and research, and creating life-changing opportunities for generations to come. The world needs experts and leaders from all walks of life, creating opportunities for brilliant people from every background to access a life-changing education!

For our People, who make world-class education accessible to all.

For our Place, a home and community for generations past and future.

For our Culture, supporting every member of our community to thrive.

For Mansfield. Forever.

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