On 28th February, we were delighted to host Lord Browne of Madingley for the 2017 Annual Hands Lecture at the University of Oxford Examination Schools. 



The Annual Hands Lecture is a very important moment in Mansfield’s calendar, held to honour Guy and Julia Hands and their generous and continued support of Mansfield College. 

Year after year, it has attracted distinguished speakers, including Sir Bob Geldof, The Rt Hon. the Lord Blunkett and President Jimmy Carter. 

Lord Browne is presently Chairman of L1 Energy, the Chairman of Trustees of both the Tate and the QEII Prize for Engineering, and Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University.

In his talk, he covered the politics, values, responsibilities and the technological advances of the energy industry, describing it as “an industry for polymaths.”

The event was free to attend. 

Watch the podcast.