About Professor Norman Doe

Professor Doe is the Director of the Centre for Law and Religion, which he set up at Cardiff Law School in 1998. He is on the editorial committee of the Ecclesiastical Law Journal and was appointed in 2013 as the Editor of the newly established Routledge Research Series in Law and Religion, the first series of its type in the UK. He has also served on the Legal Advisory Commission of the Church of England and is the Chancellor of the Diocese of Bangor and a Master of the Bench at the Inner Temple, London.

Professor Doe was nominated for reviving the study of Ecclesiastical Law in England and Wales. His publications on the subject have been highly influential, being cited in decisions relating to the constitutional role of the Church of England and contributing to the revision of clergy discipline procedures.

Five honorary KCs were approved this year, and, delighted to receive the award, Norman said:

“I am deeply privileged to be honoured in this way as one of many involved in reviving studies in ecclesiastical law over recent years. I am also much indebted to Mansfield, where Walter Heuston and John Muddiman helped me develop some key theological insights for my work in this field. The award also provides me with the stimulus to enhance further my work in the interaction between law and religion”.

Upon congratulating Norman, Principal Helen Mountfield herself a human rights lawyer and KC said:

“I’m delighted to hear that the merry band of Mansfield silks has been increased in so well-deserved a way; and that the recognition is for Norman’s contribution to a field which so builds on Mansfield’s history!”