Fees and Finances

The careful management of money during your time as a student is of great importance. The information provided below is designed to give guidance to help with your financial planning during your degree course.  The College seeks to keep charges to students at a reasonable level, and meal charges in particular represent exceptional value for money.

When you begin study at Mansfield an account is opened. This is called a 'battels' account, and it records all the financial transactions between you and the college.


Undergraduate Fees

University Fee 2015-16

Home/EU students: £9,000 (for information about fee reductions, see the main University website)

Overseas students: £14,415 - £21,220. For more information visit the main University website

College Fees 2015-16

Home/EU students: If you fulfil the UK/EU residency requirements and this is your first degree, you will not be liable for a separate college fee. If you are a 'self funding' student for any reason, you will be liable for the college fee (£6,724).

Overseas students: £6,724

For information on support for undergraduates at Mansfield, please see Financial Support.


Further information on student funding is available on the University website.

Graduate Fees

University Fees 2015-16

For the current University Fees, please consult the University website.

College Fees 2015-16

Information about the 2015-16 College Fee will be made available from September 2014.  The 2014/15 College Fee was £2,765.

Further information on graduate fees and funding is available on the \University website.


The following charges are for the academic year 2014-15


Each term’s rent is payable in advance at the beginning of each term. Room rental for your first and subsequent  terms will amount to  £1,203.67 per term and additional payments on a per day basis are made for residence during the vacation.   Utilities charges and other accommodation related charges such as internet access and cost of phone line are included in the rental payment. 


College accommodation will be let to graduates for ten months, from the end of September to the end of July.  The rent varies between £467.90 to £540.30  per month, depending on the type and location of room.  This charge includes utilities.   Where possible tenancies can be extended for longer than ten months. For further details on the location and nature of graduate accommodation please see the the section on Living at Mansfield.

Visiting Students

The visiting student rent is £455.80 per month, including utilities.


The following charges are for the academic year 2013-14.

Mansfield prides itself on the quality of its catering and most meals are cooked from fresh ingredients, locally sourced from high animal welfare suppliers, with the same menus available to students and academic and support staff.   

A variably-priced menu is available for all meals except Formal Hall. Choices will be offered so that a meal will always be available at affordable prices. The following prices are indicative for a two course meal in 2013-14, as the actual cost will vary with market prices and the exact type of meal chosen.

  • Continental breakfast: £2.75
  • Cafeteria meals for cooked breakfast £4.25; lunch and supper: £4.25 (approx.)
  • Formal hall second sitting on Wednesdays and Fridays: £9.55
  • Special Formal Halls: £15.00

Guest charges apply.

Payment for all meals except Formal Hall will be charged to battels (student accounts) using the University Card.  Formal dinners for which students "sign up" are charged direct to battels.

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