Mansfield College, University of Oxford

, printed from the Mansfield College website on Friday 22nd August 2014

Tutor for Women

Tutor for Women: Dr Katherine Morris

Women remain in a significant minority at Oxford among the undergraduate, graduate and fellowship communities. Most colleges therefore designate one female tutor the 'tutor for women'with special responsibility to think about and represent the needs or concerns of that minority. I am very happy to take on this role at Mansfield and extend a warm invitation to all women students who have concerns or issues they feel would be best communicated to a woman tutor to knock on my door. Also, if you feel that you personally or (a group of) female students more generally suffer from discrimination in any way in college then you should seek to address this first through me as tutor for women.

I think it is important that we celebrate the energy and success among our female members so - in conjunction with the elected representatives for women from the MCR and JCR bench - I also organise social, academic and alumni events with a focus on Mansfield women's achievement.

It is best to arrange to see me by appointment through email but you can find my office in college (Room 5, 8 Mansfield Road) in normal office hours and I will arrange to meet you at a more convenient time if you should call by when I am engaged in teaching or meetings.

Tel: 2 70985

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