As one of Oxford’s younger colleges, Mansfield’s current level of endowment means that it is very vulnerable to external economic forces. In these times of financial uncertainty for higher education, it is vital that the College is in a position to deliver the same outstanding educational experience enjoyed by so many.

Making a legacy to Mansfield is a lasting way to assist the College in realising its vision for the future.  Many Old Members have asked us to make available to them information about leaving a legacy to Mansfield, so that when they come to think about providing for their family, friends and the causes important to them, they can also provide for the future of the College.

The wishes of our donors are always of the utmost importance to Mansfield, and this is especially true for benefactions. It would be a pleasure to discuss with you, in complete confidence, whether there are any particular areas of the College's work to which you would like your bequest directed; and also how Mansfield can most suitably recognise your generosity.

A PDF version of our Legacy Brochure is available below, along with a Pledge Form and information on making your Will.


The Glover Society

The Glover Society is Mansfield College's means of expressing its gratitude to those who have chosen to make a provision for the College in their Will.

Society Members will receive information on key changes in relevant tax laws, on issues affecting the College, on how best to make a legacy gift, and more.  From Mansfield's perspective, the Society provides a further point of contact with our alumni.

Members of the Glover Society will receive invitations to a number of College events, including the annual Glover Society lunch at Mansfield.

Sarah Glover was the sister of George and Elizabeth Mansfield, after whom the College is named. Born in 1767, Mrs Glover's generosity and spirit of enterprise was strikingly developed. Following her death in 1853, it was said of Mrs Glover that:

'We may truly say of this excellent lady, that she seemed to attach no other value, or idea, to money, than as a means to do good. Giving was, with her, both a principle and a passion. Her donations were so large and so constant, that many persons supposed her wealth was greater than it really was. She, and they [George and Elizabeth], devoted the bulk of their fortune to that institution, which will be their noblest monument to the end of time.'



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